*Massive *Open *Online *Collaboration are potentially the net generation's greatest value multipliers way above zero sum models of 20th century industrial macroeconomists. Help PREP 2018now: The Economist celebrate 175th anniversary of empowering youth to mediate end of poverty by searching for 10 curriculum every millennials needs to question elders about -starting with POP Peace- Peace generates healthy youthful economics not vice versa
search 100 leaders of youth's most productive decade .Valuing Net Generation.review ONCE IN A GENERATION at youtube.Help Rank ER's top 50 pro-youth hubs and clubs.The Economist's quest for 10 times more economical healthcare 1984-2014.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dear Best Friends of Amy and Social Youth Solutions China-Africa-Rome-Brooklyn-Bottoms-Up UN

John who owns new yorks leading music and film studio will soon
be launching a musical genre to unite the world's rhythmic consciousness of youth

I am wondering whether it might be suitable for :
Noah's universal refugee elearning channel on www.yazmi.com
Practice of Peace Open Space Rome, Beijing, Addis, ... -eg could we open space at club of rome whose office organises both nobel peace laureate summits (6 weeks ago calling for government simultaneously to transfer 10% of arms budgets to refugees) and green's future and is a stone's throw from vatican university's intergenerational community building world championships Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca  and all three UN food agencies

Forming some sort of dance wherever sustainability millennials exchanges are introduced
.. and?

I recall that one of the first solutions of paul's global 
reconciliation network summit in 2004 was his teenage daughter got funds from
the australian government to host cultural dances welcoming migrants to australia and linked something
similar at japans pugwash network

there's also a compendium of 100 global musical activities designed with eg NYU's professor of dance therapy Music as a Global Resource compiles music projects used for therapy

I am also wondering whether there could be a washington dc open space where practice of peace meets the question what do refugees need on their number 1 elearning satellite channel; I assume inviting big decision makers to such an event would create waves even if only a few turned up- of course if we said it was the first in series that was also stopping off in beijing and rome -
that might get some people falling off their seats

(a suitable venue in rome could be the club of rome office  that hosts the annual nobel peace summit which so tragically got transferred away from black communities heartland in november because of greedy PR agents- naila do you think the ted turner family would still want an open space in atlanta or the un or have they given up at throwing billions of dollars at UN partnerships of greenwashers)

Dunno -what's youth thoughts


any ideas anyone?

January's Developing Spaces on Road to Quito October 2016
i wonder if we could linkin networks like boston's mit and kenya's ihub and ushahidi to hackathon or open space this agenda; i wish there was a way to survey which mayors and city development agencies would like students and teachers in their education systems to be free to explore this urgent worldview

could we be interpreting UNHabitat sustainability development goal 11 sustainable cities as call not to fiddle while all human cites in a world without borders burn ,,, Makes the road to the white house 2016 look like a white elephant?

fiddle while Rome burns definition. To do something trivial and irresponsible in the midst of an emergency; legend has it that while a fire destroyed the city of Rome, the emperor Nero played his violin, thus revealing his total lack of concern for his people and his empire.

white el·e·phant
  1. a possession that is useless or troublesome, especially one that is expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of.

HO references for 2016

Monday, December 28, 2015

Chris Macrae I have problems in finding lively way to explain 'systems" at 5th grade level of education and so all the grade hierachy up. I am wondering about the story - all the greatest revolutionary impacts revolve round communications revolutions is a way to go. After all both commns and systems are about connections and the www could be the greatest communications revolution ever if it was facilitated by open space practitioners not profit-extracters exact opposite mathswww.economistpeace.com

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

economistpeace MOOC starting with 6 weekly modules- would you be happy if weeks involved worldwide youth q&A
week 1 with everything muhammad yunus and his alumni have learnt

week 2 everything women nobel epace laureates have elarnt including how they stood up in the middle of most terrifying communal strife and sustained themselves and all their followers

week 3 everything that alumni of such open society leaders as gorbachev and walesa have lrarnt about what sacrifices elders need to make if systems for next generation are to be more sustainable and naturally celebrate more wonderful livelihoods and communities- how is this open space dynamic of peace the opposite process of elders starting wars in which youth are sent out to be the biggest losers

week 4 what has the north west hemisphere still to learn from how south east's greatest peace mediators survived prison patiently enough for inter-generational social movement to replace old faulty systems of leadership; was it just band luck that in the moon race decade of greatest human collaboration with computing America also saw the assassination of Kennedies, King and Kent State Youth -and somehow Nixon used this to be the start of putting american students in ever greater debt instead of open learning. If The Economists hypothesis of post-industrial revolution revolving round 4000 times more spend on global communications tech 2030now versus 1946 is the correct map to net generation sustainability, what has the human race got to help USA to learn about the end of its second century if its to play whole truth win-win roles to millennials sustanability

week 5 when 10000 youth converge on atlanta mid november 2015 will the best youtubes of lessons from Jimmy Carter, Luther King, Muhammad Yunus, 20 Nobel Peace Laureates, and the turner family as most loving mediators of US and UN be ready to POP the world?

link to friends of yunus; of elearning satellites; of Rome and 50 twin capitals of millennials peace

Sunday, April 12, 2015

youmooc is pleased to connect with past alumni of planetmooc which mooc
Links to people sharing views of moocs 1 2 aggregators 1

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our top list of moocs on courses never held before:
changetheworld hosted from mid jan 2014 was first mooc known to us to emerge from a chnage summit

soros ineteconomics is helping host courses that rethink economics from the ground up - the first 2 part mooc on money hosted fall 2013 wasnt very accessible ranked by our criteria of economics ruling what future systems are designed - we'll keep an eye out for what inet moocs next

uva of virginia falll 2014 hosted a mooc on alternative busienss models that included eh conscious capitalism

world bank is currently hosting a mooc on what risks will becaused if climate only goes up by 4 degrees -something that we appear to be within 2 generations of spinning - while its fascinating that parts of the world bank are hosting youth summits on the greatest social movements of our generation - this particular curriculum is a bit matter of fact-we would have liked to have seen more connection with the sumary of predicted consequences and links to action networks who could still chnage this

Sunday, April 28, 2013

starting may 2013
 John Hopkins .... Health for All Through Primary Health Care May 29th 2013

U of Maryland Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The 1st Step in Entrepren… this is a course that repeats quite often- a real curates egg- starts with some definitions that only this lecturer could possibly think enetrepreneurs need (a worst captive audience gambit imo)  but gets onto linking in with a models database which is very useful way of comparing  -review made byNorman Macrae Foundation of Entrepreneurial Revolution (started at The Economist 1976)

starting june 2013

John Hopkins The Science of Safety in Healthcare Jun 3rd 2013  Vaccine Trials: Methods and Best Practices Jun 24th 2013

University of Melbourne  Discrete Optimization Jun 18th 2013

starting july 2013

Uni of Hong Kong Sci & Tech ....A New History for a New China, 1700-2000: New Data and New Methods, P…

July 2013

University of Melbourne -Exercise Physiology: Understanding the Athlete Within
Jul 22nd 2013  ....Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression Jul 1st 2013

Penn State  Maps and the Geospatial Revolution Jul 17th 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

already started
 april 2013
John Hopkins     Community Change in Public Health  Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp

University of Melbourne -

Generating the Wealth of Nations

 Apr 29th 2013
One of most timely courses of year -Foundation for Pro-Youth economics

  U of Maryland  Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology) Apr 22nd 2013

earlier -please note of some of these may be repeated later in year - check back with coursera

University of Melbourne

Principles of Macroeconomics 

 Mar 31st 2013

 U of Maryland   Exploring Quantum Physics Mar 25th 2013 .... Surviving Disruptive Technologies Mar 25th 2013 ,,,,Women and the Civil Rights Movement Feb 25th 2013

Georgia Tech    Energy 101 Jan 28th 2013  ... Health Informatics in the Cloud Jan 28th 2013 ...  Computational Investing, Part I Feb 23rd 2013 ...  Games without Chance: Combinatorial Game Theory  Feb 25th 2013  ...  Introduction to Engineering Mechanics  Feb 25th 2013 ..  Computational Photography  Mar 25th 2013  ... Introduction to Psychology as a Science  Mar 25th 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

some types of moocs we are searching for -help correspond at this blog or athttp://bracnet.ning.com

1.0 missing curriculum - eg financial literacy is a missing curriculum
1.1 missing curriculum of the next 3 billion jobs that can only be designed by bottom-up and collaboration entrepreneurs in line my dad's 1984 book
1.1.1 including 1 billion green energy (eg secondary curriculum of biogas ovens by mit students_, green agriculture ( eg bottom up value chain innovation models of usaid relevant towww.feedthefuture.gov , and transformation to zero waste jobs
1.1.2 1 billion jobs of make every global village sustainable wherever next child is born in terms of nutrition, haslth, peace, education, safe home- a specific curriculum being the nurse as most trusted village online networker of 21st C - see eg grameenscotland
1.1.3 1 billion jobs that couldn't have been dreamed over until todays million times mopre collaboration tech than when man raced to moon

2.0 curriculum that my family has helped research before MOOC exist - eg world's number 1 curriculum of brands that do no eeil  links to 7 curricula whose trillion dollar markets dad believed most need to be freed around the greats intergenerational purpose that cam be exponentially sustained

3.0 various moocs where I myself want to action learn through urgent change - thsee include how every worldcitizen can partner china in trade and how to help us students change how they both study current government and urgently linkin to designing back from the future government

4.0 various other moocs on mapping future systems , education revolution including youth investment outcomes of youth entrepreneur competitions and free university designs

4.1 various other moocs that only the most revolutionary education expeiements can help edit - eg $100 laptop or new zealand's thelearningweb.net

there are also people to linkin with unique contributions even if they cannct help design a complete mooc